Marin Hristov Hristov


Professor, Dr,  Department of Microelectronics, Technical University   of Sofia 

Date of Birth:

15 November 1949

Place of Birth:

Pleven, Bulgaria





Technical University of Sofia (TUS), Major in Electronic Engineering (Semiconductor Electronics)




Eng., MSc


Posts Held:    

1972 – 1975

Engineer, Research officer, Department of Electronics, TUS

1976 – 1986

Assistant Professor, TUS

1986 - 1990

Vice-Director of  Faculty of Microelectronics, Microelectronics Production  Corporation - Botevgrad

1986 - 2005

Associate Professor,     Department of Microelectronics, Technical University of Sofia

2005 -        

Professor, TUS

1989 – 1995

2005 –        

Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering  and  Technology, Technical University of Sofia

1989 –

Member of the Academic Council of the Technical University of Sofia

1993 – 2000

Vice-Director of  French Faculty, Technical
University of Sofia

1994 -  

Head of Faculty Electronics Computer Aided Design   (ECAD) Laboratory

1995 - 2000

Scientific Director of College of Electronic  System - Sofia

2000 - 2005

Vice Rector of TU – Sofia, responsible for the Educational activities

2011 -

Rector of TU – Sofia

Work Experience:       

Wide experience in Electronics and Microelectronics, Physics and Technology of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, Semiconductor device modeling for simulation of integrated circuits, Computer-Aided Design in VLSI and ASIC, Projects in the field of Open and Distance Learning.


Over 300 publications in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of semiconductor devices, Microelectronics, CAD of integrated circuits, modeling of Microelectronics devices and circuits, 26 monographs, books and textbooks for students;

Lecturer activities:

Lecturing in “Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits”, “Microelectronics”, “Physical basics of Microelectronics”, “Design of digital circuits and systems”, “CAD in Microelectronics”, “CAD Systems in Microelectronics”.

Research activities:

Coordinator and participant in over 40 national and international projects.

Coordinator of:

TEMPUS JEP 3038 TEMPUS JEP 3038 – Development of Professionally Accredited pilot modular-based degree course in Electronic engineering geared to answer the needs of the Bulgarian Industry, duration – 1992 - 1995

TEMPUS Complementary Measured Project 01160 – Feasibility study for implementation of a computerised administration management system in Bulgarian universities, duration – 1995 - 1996

TEMPUS JEN 03038BG-95 - Development of Professionally Accredited pilot modular-based degree course in Electronic engineering for the Bulgarian Industry, duration – 1996 - 1997,
INCO COPERNICUS – SYTIC 960170 – Promotion of System Design Training and Information Centres in CCE/NIS, duration – 1997 - 1999

Contractor of:

REASON – Research and Training Action for System on Chip Design – IST – 2000 – 30193, duration - 2002 - 2005

MINOS-EURONET - Micro-NanOSystems EUROpean NETwork pursuing the integration of NMS and ACC in ERA (IST3 call, FP6), duration - 2005 - 2008

Coordinator of 4 national projects funded by the World Bank.


1993 -

Member of the Bulgarian Union of Researchers and Scientists

1993 – 1995

Member of Eurochip (No A40090)

1995 -

Member of Europractice

1994 – 2006

Invited Professor at ENSEA,  France; Oxford Brookes University, UK

1997 -

Senior Member of IEEE

2002 -

Chairman of IEEE Joint chapter CAS/SSC – Circuits and Systems Society/Solid – State Circuits Society Bulgarian branch

2002 -

Responsible for the educational activities in the IEEE Bulgarian national section

2003 -

Chairman of several International symposia and conferences in Electronics, Microelectronic technologies and Microsystems


2003 -

Member of the National Scientific Council in Electronics and computer science


2006 -

Member of the Board of the National Scientific and Technical Union


2004 -

Chairman of the international annual conference Electronics